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Rad Nurse is a Nonprofit Organization that believes Nurses deserve the same quality of care that they provide their patients. We support Nurses in Need by creating a community to address their financial and emotional needs.

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Rad Nurse #2: Kirsten

A couple months ago, I got a call from a former co-worker. The Saint Luke’s Emergency department was throwing a fundraiser for one of their nurses, and they wanted a painting for the cause. Turns out, the nurse in need, Kirsten, was in my graduating Nursing class. She was facing a terminal liver cancer diagnosis, and her oncologist in Saint Louis had given her 10 months to live. The situation was so unpredictable, that I wasn’t sure what more Rad Nurse could do besides donate a painting to the department fundraiser (which we did).

Fortunately, when I dropped off the painting at Saint Lukes, Kirsten happened to be working that day. I was able to snag a quick conversation over her lunch break, and I realized that, at the very least, Rad Nurse could share Kirsten’s story. Kirsten does not live a defeated life based on one physician’s prediction. Her story is a testament to facing fear, and choosing gratitude no matter what the circumstance. It’s been an honor getting to re-connect with her, and I am thrilled to share our conversation:

UPDATE: As of April 16th: Kirsten remains in the Clinical Trial at Moffit Cancer Center in Florida! We are so thankful for your prayers and support as we continue this journey with her!


Rad Nurse #1


Lesley is a nurse in Saint Louis, MO. Four years ago, her 20 month old son, Eddie, was diagnosed with Leukemia, changing Lesley’s world forever. Four years later, Eddie is (finally) in remission, but Lesley and her family have a long journey towards physical and emotional recovery.

Rad Nurse partnered with Lesley from October 2018- February 2019. Check out what we were able to accomplish in a few short months with our very first Rad Nurse!

  • We raised $1000 in donations alone. This money went directly to paying Lesley’s mortgage, giving her family a much needed break (especially during the holidays)!

  • The “Fight On” design was launched as an exclusive way to share Lesley’s story. The design was featured on tshirts and is the first of many in the Rad Nurse apparel line. As of 2019: all proceeds raised from apparel sales will support the Rad Nurse mission to reach out to nurses nationwide, assist with fundraisers, and help fund therapeutic experiences for our nurses in need.

  • The $5 Postcard initiative was started in February as a way to provide emotional support for our nurses in need. It’s simple: sign up for a postcard, we mail it to ya with return postage paid for, write a word or prayer of encouragement to our nurse in need, and bring a smile to nurse’s face!

  • Lesley was able to share her story with multiple news sources, including her very own alma mater: Maryville University. The Alumni association will be sharing her story (and a little bit of Rad Nurse) in the upcoming Maryville Student Newspaper this Fall!

  • Click the link below to read and watch Lesley’s story! You can still send a postcard of encouragement (available in the Rad Nurse store)


Lesley and Eddie (2017)

Lesley and Eddie (2017)