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Lesley was an ER nurse in Saint Louis when her 20 month old son, Eddie, was diagnosed with Leukemia. The past four years have seen Lesley and her family through heartache and triumph, and I was privileged to meet with her so she could share her journey.

Please watch the following video to find out how you can support Lesley, and ensure she can return to providing quality care for patients:

You have this baby, and you’re expecting them to be perfect, and all I could think was: HOW did this happen to MY baby? I broke down and started crying in the office.
— Lesley, RN

This was not an easy interview. After all, how many people want to sit down and recount the most painful years of their life? But Lesley agreed to it. “Anything.” that was her response. “I’ll do anything I can if it helps us.” We struggled to coordinate a time to meet, and had to reschedule several times due to Eddie’s illness. The day of the interview, Eddie had to go in for another blood transfusion, but that evening we finally got the chance to sit down and talk.

Despite her exhaustion, Lesley was so gracious, and we talked for nearly an hour: about Eddie, about Nursing, about how much life can change at a single diagnosis. Eight minutes of footage does not do her story justice, and I would like to highlight a few needs:

  • Financially: Even with health insurance coverage, Lesley and her family are still facing thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. Their debt is so overwhelming that, at this time last year, they nearly lost their house. Rad Nurse™ is working to raise enough money to cover both past and future medical bills.

  • Emotionally: Eddie’s cancer diagnosis left Lesley feeling completely alone: “With me being a nurse, I knew what was coming: a port, chemo, hospital stays. I knew he would not get to live a typical childhood.” Despite the crushing weight of taking care of a child with Cancer, Lesley’s outlook remains hopeful. Since she couldn’t find anyone to relate to, she started a blog about her son: in hopes that it would help another parent with the same struggle. Rad Nurse™ is striving to raise a community that builds up Lesley and future nurses. We absolutely love when our nurses find ways to give back, despite what they’re going through.


McKeever Family: Lesley, Eddie, Ed, & Connor

So far, we have raised over $1000 in donations alone!


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