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It starts with a simple question: Who/what inspired you to become a Nurse?



"I was in quarter-life-crisis mode when I took a night shift secretary job in a high census Emergency Dept. It was completely bonkers, but I remember looking at the chaos and thinking: "I like taking care of people. I could do this nursing thing." So, I took Night classes, worked as a secretary, then a patient care tech, then FINALLY got my first Nursing Job in the Cardiovascular ICU. My patients are obviously the reason I have/love the job (most days), but my coworkers and team also make the work worthwhile. Because of my experience in multiple healthcare settings, I believe Nurses need just as much care as the patients. Originally, RadNurse™ was my way of combining my art and nursing profession, but it's expanded to an empowerment initiative for nurses. Why not start a conversation through an apparel line? I believe it's possible to create a formidable community of men and women in the medical field, who's passion and innovation proves that we are more than 'just a nurse'." 







Elizabeth is rocking the "Rad Nurse Floral Outline" in Military Green

"For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to go into some sort of health-related profession. As I started learning more about the different areas in health care, nursing stood out as the best choice for me. Nursing provides the ability to care for others in so many settings, offering endless opportunities to grow and expand your career. You can really never be bored in nursing!

If you are, you just haven't found your niche yet." 







Emergency Medicine



Jake is wearing "Breathe & Beat" in Military Green, a design that was inspired by his oldest son's stay in the NICU. Jake also has this tattooed on his back, but don't feel obligated to do the same. 

"I chose nursing because I come from a whole family of nurses. It seemed like something I'd enjoy. It's interesting, and it allows me to help people." 






Pediatric Nurse,& Nurse Educator

Robyn is repping "Rad Nurse STL" in Denim

"Growing up as a child of an OBGYN and an OR Nurse, many people assume I went into Nursing because my family has always worked in the medical field. My parents actually had very little influence on my decision to become a nurse, but were incredibly supportive once I made that choice. During Junior High and High School, I volunteered every summer at a camp for people with developmental disabilities. We would help these campers have a fun camp experience while also helping them eat, bathe, etc. It was the highlight of my year, and I looked forward to getting my application every Spring. Over time, I realized I could make a living off of doing exactly what I did at Camp, and that prompted me to look into different nursing programs my senior year of High School." 



Nursing Student 


Alyssa is wearing "Regal Nurse", and she definitely looks the part. She graduates with her BSN this summer, and plans to start in ICU Nursing. 

"I was first motivated to become a RN in 2011 when a tsunami hit Japan. The local news raved about their "Nurses without Borders" and their work efforts overseas. Growing up, I had always been interested in missionary work and after much research, Nurses without Borders embodied much of what I wanted to do in my missionary efforts. I had never considered being in a medical role rather than a volunteer role when it came to missions work. After I looked into all aspects of what nursing encompassed, I fell in love with the Nurses' role."  


Charles BSN, RN, EMTP

Chip is repping the "Rad Nurse STL" in Denim. He's one of the most generous and encouraging people I know. He gave me a stethoscope when mine got stolen during my second week of work, and I still haven't given it back to him. 

"I was a paramedic for 13 years, and I didn't consider Nursing until a buddy of mine got injured on the job. He blew his knee out and couldn't work anymore, and it got me thinking I should consider a different job before the same thing happened to me. So I chose Nursing because that's easy on the body, right? Ha! I didn't anticipate how hard it would be to switch mindsets: to go from emergency situations to more controlled environments took some adjusting. Some days are tougher than others, but I don't regret my decision to become a Nurse. Hardest best job I've ever had." 


Joseph RN,BSN

Jo is wearing "A/O x Flowers" in Military Green. He starts CRNA school this summer, and I am so proud of the nurse that he's become. 

"My initial inspiration that led me to ultimately choose nursing as a career path was, oddly enough, my dentist. I was a child who needed braces for about six years and one oral surgery, My dentist and I became good friends through that entire process. he was my introduction to health care. His friendship made me start looking into medicine and nursing as a career path. I wound up pursuing nursing over being a physician because I wanted more face time with people. As a nurse, I get to serve people who need my help. It is being at the bedside for extended periods of time, having meaningful conversations, administering much-needed medications, and assisting with all the activities of daily living that make me happy to be helping a person heal. Having a joyful, caring, and competent person as my dentist helped me get through an annoying (and at times painful) six year journey with braces. I want to be that same type of helper to patients going through their journeys toward good health."  



"Nursing was a second career for me. I had been in sales and account management for about 6 years and decided I needed to find a career that was more meaningful, that I could be passionate about, and feel like I was making a difference in people's lives. I started looking into nursing school programs, and a year later, quit my job and started nursing school. I got a job as a PCT in a Cardiothoracic/Vascular Transplant Unit during my first year of nursing school and worked with some really amazing and inspiring nurses, and knew that I wanted to work in the ICU."