I started an apparel line for nurses because I believe 2 things: 
1. We provide quality care for our patients and we deserve a quality product: a unique brand that nurses can wear outside of the workplace that restores pride in our industry. 
2. I created this as a way to encourage and empower nurses. Whether you're buying a shirt for yourself, a coworker, or your entire department, share your story or tag a nurse who inspires you. You could even go so far as to nominate them for a feature on the website.
But why stop there? Why not start a conversation through an apparel line? If we could create a community of nurses across all specialties- a community that dreams outside the concrete walls of medical facilities- what could happen? I know for certain that we could take better care of ourselves and each other. After all, who better to take care of nurses than other nurses? 
We're just getting started. Maybe I'm a tad excited about all this, but I believe that this company is capable of more than a pretty t-shirt for a pretty face. I believe it's possible to create a formidable community of men and women in the medical field, who's passion and innovation proves that we are more than "just a nurse". 

This is more than Apparel. This is Empowerment. Welcome to Rad Nurse.