Elysia King, BSN, Rad Nurse™ Founder

The Rad Nurse Story

The past eight years, I’ve been a hospital secretary, a patient care tech, and now a Nurse, and it’s obvious: Nurses need help. There are plenty of articles and bloggers out there that shine a spotlight on the pitfalls of the Nursing profession: from poor staffing to lack of benefits, and I could rant for days on the shortcomings of the medical field.

But I won’t.

Rad Nurse™ isn’t about pointing at the problems. Rad Nurse™ was founded on the belief that nurses deserve the same level of care and compassion that they provide their patients. This is not an easy task, and I’m under no preconceived notion that this will happen overnight. But I have to start somewhere: by simply taking care of one nurse at a time.

I believe that if we don’t take care of the people who take care of us: the heart behind the nursing career will die. The passion that nurses have for their job and their patients will inevitably burn out.

I’m a nurse and an artist: a walking conflict of interest. Rad Nurse™ also allows me to flex that artsy side to address nurse needs in a creative way. After all, nurses give the best of their time and talents for their patients every day, and it’s time I did the same.

That’s my mission: be a Nurse for the Nurses. So let’s get to work.