Year in Review: 2018


Rad Nurse met with Lesley in October 2018. We went out for coffee, listened to Lesley’s story, and asked what we could do to help. Lesley was open to anything that could be done to further her family’s recovery from her son’s 4 year battle with cancer. This is what Rad Nurse has accomplished so far:

  • November 2018: Rad Nurse officially became a 501c3 Nonprofit.

  • Rad Nurse conducted a video interview with our first Nurse in need: Lesley. This short film told Lesley’s story of her toddler’s four year battle with Leukemia, the impact it had on her professionally and personally, and shared both emotional and financial needs for Lesley’s family. The video was shared over 50 times on social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram), and was watched nearly 300 times on the Rad Nurse Youtube page. Sharing the video on social media was an important step because it allowed people to put a face with the name they were supporting, and connect with Lesley on a more personal level. We realize that every nurse’s story and need will be different, and a video interview is a simple, effective way to share that.

  • Lesley’s story alone raised over $1000 in donations. The donation money went directly to Lesley to help pay her mortgage, which had been a struggle to keep up with since her son’s cancer diagnosis.

  • Rad Nurse founder, Elysia King, created an exclusive design as another way to share Lesley’s story: Fight On. The design served as a reminder that the cancer battle doesn’t end when Chemo stops. The tiger theme represented the gold colors of the childhood cancer awareness ribbon, and conveyed the strength and ferocity of Eddie’s battle with Leukemia. The design was printed on t-shirts, hoodies, and prints, and 50% of proceeds from the apparel line went directly to Lesley. Rad Nurse sold nearly 20 apparel items, and after manufacturing costs, Lesley received approximately $60. The apparel/design line is another way to further the Rad Nurse mission.

Your generosity made this happen! it all started with one nurse, and there are many more that will benefit due to your support. this is just the beginning, and rad nurse is excited for what 2019 will bring!

Thank you!