Our Vision

Take care of the Nurses that take care of you. 


Rad Nurse™ is a nonprofit founded by a Nurse who believes that Nurses deserve the same compassion and quality of care that they provide their patients. That’s why when Nurses face a crisis, Rad Nurse™ has their back. We identify a nurse in need and raise a community of financial and emotional support to ensure that the nurse can avoid burnout, get back on their feet, and return to providing exceptional patient care.

We utilize art, design, and film to raise awareness of the nurse’s need, create therapeutic experiences, and fund charitable programming initiatives for nurses and their families.

Whether you donate directly, sponsor a Nurse, or simply share a Rad Nurse video online: YOU are part of our Nurse’s Story. Welcome to the Community!

2019 Goals:

  • Support at least 4 nurses in need

  • Initiate a postcard “campaign” as a simple way to encourage our nurses in need.

  • Build a community of volunteers: This group will provide everything from meal trains, childcare, transportation, house cleaning/upkeep, etc. free of charge depending on the nurse’s need. One of the main takeaways from our nurses in need is that they feel alone in their struggle. The volunteers are a key element in community building and providing emotional support.

  • Conduct our FIRST Annual Rad Nurse fundraiser in September